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ALL our Partner Programs are permanent so we are careful as to what we include here.
Our 12th and final Partner Program, Success Quik (SQ) has recently been approved and added now too
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ie: we DO NOT intend to change any of our 'Partner Programs' and we'll ONLY add more programs that are linked within our partnership upon agreement of the majority of the membership here

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The Ultimate Downline Builder is the very BEST Viral Marketing System I have used in my over 17 years of online marketing.
UDB just flat out Works! I'm experiencing a better than 33% conversion rate from
Free to Paid Members which is absolutely fantastic. And these same people both free and paid members are joining the programs featured in the builder as well as from my own recommendation. And they are almost exclusively joining these programs as paid members which is putting some extra money in my pocket. Plus
the Admin Support  from Kymm Reynolds is excellent and simply outstanding. Needless to say I'm one happy camper here at UDB and without any hesitation or reservation I give UDB my highest recommendation!
Proud UDB Pro Affiliate Member.
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Here's how our program works:


We use the unrivaled power of 'viral leverage' to ensure our members are regularly receiving new referrals to our recommended suite of programs.

These programs have been tried, tested, and PROVEN over a period of time to meet our high expectations.

When you first signup, you will be provided with your UDB affiliate link to promote.
Once you update the programs page with your own affiliate ID's, then you can start to promote our program.
Already a member of some or all of the programs? No problem! Just add your current referral links!
When a new member signs up through your UDB affiliate link, they will undertake the same setup -- joining the programs on the program page under your affiliate ID, then entering their own affiliate ID's into the programs page.
When they promote their affiliate link, their signups will do the exact same thing and fill out their affiliate links on the program page.
Can you see the power of duplication here?


 everyone does the same thing and keeps promoting their affiliate link, they in turn will receive a number of new signups to all the programs that they are a member of.

But the best part about our program is that you can also add in your own programs to promote, to be viewed alongside our recommended programs. 
This enables you to gain many signups in the programs of your choice quickly and easily. This is perfect for anyone looking for 
new affiliates for their own program, or for free multi-level programs with an option to upgrade for a fee.

Pro Member Benefits:
Special Signup Bonus ( $128 Value )
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You can add 5 programs of your choiceto the programs page for your downline to join.
You will earn 50% commissions for referring other PRO members.
Regular PRO membership fee is only $49 Lifetime. When you think about it, even that's great value!

  • Free Member Benefits: 
    Special Signup Bonus ( $69 Value )
    You can build your downline in the programs added by your sponsor and by Admin.
    You can add 1 program of your choice to the program page for your downline to join.
    You will earn 25% commissions for referring Pro members.  
    And the good thing is -- you only need to promote 1 link for multiple programs!
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    Make sure your sponsor's name is showing at the TOP of the sign-up form.

    Occasionally the referrer's ID can get lost whilst navigating through the pages.

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